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Web Development basically refers to the process involved in building the website’s structure. It may include a simple text format or could be as complex as scripting markups and coding. Often, termed as Advance Server-side Development, includes web designing, content development, online data interchange and security configurations.

In order to facilitate web designing, we offer frameworks like Asp.net, PHP, JavaScript and CSS. All these frameworks have their unique properties which could be used as per client’s requirements. Let’s understand some of these briefly:

Asp.net is an open source type framework which is used for producing dynamic web pages, applications and services in the web development process.
PHP is a scripting language that was developed in the early 1990s and is used for programming, even today, for collaborating web frameworks, web template & web content management systems.
CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) generally uses for setting up the visual style of web content using interfaces in HTML. It focuses on colors, styling, and font of the structure to ensure your website is appealing. Other features like spacing and animations can also be added.

Many a times, when we design a web page, we tend to assume that our work is over. However, it’s a misconception! Web designing is a continuous process which requires regular updates in terms of re-structuring and re-designing to enhance the website’s features to create and maintain visibility in the web space.

On the other hand, it’s also important to update the website with new Search Engine optimization (SEO) content to encourage online traffic to visit your web page. So, if your site hasn’t been re-modelled in the past three years, it’s perhaps time to re-design its content! Given are some of the tools which enable Web Redesigning:

Ajax is a group of techniques used for web development. The highlight of Ajax is its ability to send and receive data for the web applications in the background, without impacting the website display. The content can be changed, adjusted without the need for reloading the page!
XHTML is used to determine the structure or presentation of the text you had like to update on your website.

So, have you started thinking of getting your website re-designed, get in touch with us and we’ll ensure you have the best solutions to your requirements!

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